Winter is o’er; the rains are refreshing the earth. (Song of Songs 2:11) Easter has come; the sun (Son) is brimming with light and warmth. The willows along the river road to my home have donned lime green outfits, changing from the rusty orange just a month ago. New life is sprouting from the buds in my cherry tree; soft green grasses are replacing the winter brown. The spring breezes feel like caresses against faces and shoulders without winter garb. Yes, all around us new life is appearing.

We invite you to come and be refreshed at our conference June 8&9 at Gonzaga Prep with Fr. Michael Barry. Go to our web page and find out more information and register on line. You can also download a registration form and brochure. Please make copies and give to friends, neighbors, and family. It will be a memorable conference and occasion for many.

Also, put May 27th on your calendar. A Pentecost Celebration is being planned at St. Peter’s Parish. More details will be available soon. Great music, great prayers, great message. Come make Pentecost a vibrant celebration with the family of God.

The key to happiness is a grateful heart. Be thankful for all the ‘little blessings’ from every day occurrences such as a warm home, a clean bed, enough to eat or to feed your family. Be thankful for quiet morning prayer, for children running and laughing, for a faithful vehicle that works just fine (for awhile anyway). Be thankful for loving friends and family, for adequate funds to pay your bills, for sunshine and rain, for green grass and leaves. Be thankful for good health and a body that moves and walks. Our Lord desires to give us good gifts and He marvels with us for the myriad details of goodness. May you experience much joy and happiness in enumerating your blessings. Lift up your litany of thankyous and smile at the rain.

We count you as a major part of our thank you list. Your presence and prayers are what we covet and lift up to our Father. Christ’s peace and blessings to all of you. Madre