“Taste and see the goodness of the Lord.” This responsorial Psalm is going to be repeated for the next three Sundays. No doubt the Psalmist and the Church is trying to get us into an awareness of how sweet it is to “eat His body and drink His Blood” and to deepen our gratefulness of how good is our Lord! How blest are we to draw near to the Lord and come to Him with all our cares because He cares for us. Elijah ate a second time to make His journey, and we have the opportunity of eating and drinking of our Lord weekly, if not daily as we journey toward our Heavenly home. How blest are we! Let’s pray for our brothers and sisters who no longer share this precious meal with us and pray they, like us, will find in the Eucharist the One who is the “living bread that came down from heaven.” Enjoy the summer my friends and remind one another that there is no vacation from the Lord….love ya, Fr. Dan