“Turn to the Lord in your need, and you will live.” Someone might ask: “how about in our wants?” It seems that the Lord God is not as interested in our “wants’ as He is in our “needs”, and the Word reminds us that the Lord satisfied the needs of His people. We have some homework to do, in clarifying “wants” from “needs” so that we are more “autentico” more pure in our prayer requests, more genuine in our sincerity and honesty before God. The key is to keep turning to the Lord, to keep pushing toward Jesus through the crowds of doubt and fear and adversity. If we are not moving toward Jesus we likely are moving away from Him, and that leads not to life but to death and utter destruction. Lets continue to learn to lean on Him, take Him by the hand, lay our head on His chest, do whatever the Spirit leads us in order to touch Jesus and to be more deeply touched by Him…..blessings dear friends, fr dan