Alleluia, Alleluia!! We haven't been able to say that word for the past few weeks, but today, Resurrection Sunday we can cry out “Alleluia” as often as the Spirit prompts us. Remember, the word means “Praise The Lord” and on this Easter day we have many reasons to praise the Lord: we made it thru the dying season of Lent to rise with the Lord Jesus; we kept out lenten resolutions quite well, and when we failed, we picked ourselves up as did Jesus on the way of the Cross and continued our Lenten journey; we have faith in the risen Lord and this quickens our spirits to believe that one day we too will rise in the glory of God; we have come to realize that we are Easter people and our hope of resurrection if found in the pain of the cross. These are just a few reasons to praise the Lord. Of course we don't understand it all; neither did the apostles when Christ surprised them with His Resurrection. And so we look to Pentecost, to a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon us to help us with gifts of understanding and knowledge. Let's continue to support one another as we make this beautiful journey from Easter to Pentecost….blessings, Fr. Dan