“I turn to you Lord in time of trouble, and you fill me with the joy of salvation.” Our responsorial psalm encourages us this week to discern what my “trouble” is and in doing so, turn to the Lord Jesus and allow Him to free us from the “trouble”. One of the disheartening “troubles” in the Old Testament was leprosy, as we see in the first reading and in the gospel. There was no cure and those who contacted the disease were outcasts and lived isolated from family and community.  No contact was allowed! In the fullness of time, Jesus comes on the scene and not only allows the leper to come to Him but “stretched out His hand and touched him.” A simple touch from Jesus and a couple of words and the leper is healed! Our “trouble” today is sin and it isolates us and we feel like an outcast, but praise God we know that we can approach Jesus in the sacrament of reconciliation and He will touch us with His amazing word of absolution, cleaning us completely and making us whole. If we cannot get to the reconciliation room then like the psalmist we can “confess my faults to the Lord who took away the guilt of my sin.” Don't we have an awesome God!…blessing of peace and joy, Fr. Dan