“Praise the Lord, who heals the broken-hearted.”  It is clear in the Scriptures that we are to “praise God in all things”, even when our heart is broken because of a relationship gone south, or some physical problem with the heart. It is so easy to “praise God” when things are going our way and when good things happen to us. It is not so easy, but none -the- less critical, that we praise God when things are not going our way, when bad things happen to good people like yourselves. In praising God we have our eyes on Jesus, and He is the only one who can heal us. He is the power to make us whole. He can heal our broken hearts. In the book of Lamentations the Word says “the favors of the Lord are not exhausted.” As often as we need a favor of the Lord, it is there for the asking. Check the gospel for today. How many favors of the Lord are noted in those ten verses? Jesus heals Simon’s mother-in-law. He experiences hospitality. He dealt with possessed people and cured many. As the Communion Antiphon reads, “Let them thank the Lord for His mercy, His wonders for the children of men.” That is us too! Let us be quick to turn to Jesus in need and in thanksgiving. A blessed week my friends…..Fr. Dan