“Here am I, Lord; I come to do your will.” The Word tells us that God's will is our sanctification. Seems simple enough but is it? How do I know I am doing the will of God? One of the surest signs that we are doing His will is the presence of peace, a peace that comes directly from the Prince of Peace, Jesus. It’s a peace that stands guard over our hearts and minds, a peace that is present even when things go wrong. Eli in the first book of Samuel had a difficult time discerning whose voice he was hearing. We are likely in the same place as Eli, but when we do recognize it, it is usually in the quiet silence of our hearts. Like the psalmist we often have to “wait on the Lord” because there are many voices speaking to us each day. Jesus tells us that if we really love Him we will keep His commandments. Is that it? Keeping the commandments of God? Especially the new commandment Jesus gave us “to love one another as He loves us?” Knowing that we are temples of the Holy Spirit we “come and see” this Jesus, the Messiah, and in the light of new evangelization we lead others to Jesus. How holy is that!..blessings my good friends, Fr. Dan