“The Kingdom of God is at hand. Repent and believe in the gospel!” This proclamation of the Lord Jesus is the proclamation of His Apostles and His Church, echoed over the centuries and proclaimed today in our gathering.
Jesus was about Kingdom reality, kingdom values, kingdom principles, which as the psalmist says He teaches and Jesus confirms His teaching with signs and wonders (cf Mark:16:15-18) Would that we could witness these signs and wonders more abundantly in our Churches today! To proclaim the Kingdom Gospel, power is needed, and the power is the Holy Spirit being poured into our hearts, and as we heard last Sunday, we are “temples of the Holy Spirit” so we know we have power. Let’s say “yes” to this power of the Spirit and seek a fresh anointing from above so that we can give it all up for Jesus and follow Him more faithfully…….Blessings of peace and joy, Fr. Dan