“If today you hear His voice, harden not your hearts.” Perhaps you're thinking: I would love to hear the voice of Jesus! Or maybe, why would anyone turn away from the voice of God? Could it be we are like Samuel who we saw recently “was unfamiliar with the voice of God”? Certainly the Lord is speaking to us through the Bible; our Church echoes the words of Jesus down through the generations; the Lord raises up prophets to speak His here and now word to us; and don't you hear the voice of the Lord in the silent promptings of the Holy Spirit within  you? The “if” though a very small word, carries a big message with it. There are many voices speaking to us today, most of them have nothing to do with the Lord, and allowing hearts to hardened and not follow the voice of Jesus. In the gospel today Jesus speaks with authority, and if we want to see and experience the power of Jesus in our hearts and in our daily lives we have to submit to His authority. The good news is that Jesus is exercising His authority on our behalf. Praise God!…Blessings of joy, Fr. Dan