“I will praise you Lord for you have rescued me.” This psalm of King David is a response to answered prayers, and it is good to give praise and thanks to the Lord for prayers answered. Perhaps better would be to praise the Lord just because He is the Lord. Whether our prayers are answered as we pray them to be, or not answered, reminds us that we are to praise the Lord in all things. King David had lots to give thanks to the Lord and as we read Psalm 30 I am confident each one of us will find many reasons to praise God and give Him thanks. As the Lord Jesus rescued the woman with a blood issue in the gospel, and He raised up the little girl from death, we see how critical is the gift of faith, the blessed assurance that nothing is impossible with God. This is the faith that St Paul expresses in our second reading today. Pray little ones for this gift of faith, pray for a deepening of this gift of faith in our faith community. All is gift, and we praise and thank you Lord. Amen, Amen…..Fr. Dan