Do we find it difficult to take to heart that “the Lord is my shepherd” when living in the “heart of wheat-land” or in suburbia America? Some folks buy “invisible fences” to keep their dogs in the yard. Have we created “invisible fences” or barriers that keep us fenced in, locked in fear, in doubt, in shame, in unforgiveness? Only the Lord Jesus can break down such barriers. He wants to shepherd us, to lead us, guide us, and instruct us through His Holy Spirit. Have we invited the Lord to break down our fences (perhaps defenses) and set us free to move in His Spirit? Jesus has broken the fetters that tie us down, that imprison us in sin and selfishness. The Lord Jesus sees us, is moved with pity for us, and He delights in sharing His life and love with us. Lord, let your “goodness and kindness” follow us all the days of our lives…..blessings of peace, Fr. Dan