Read the entire chapter 6 of John's Gospel, please. It will provide much food for thought and prayer. And it will prepare us for the next several weeks of the proclamation of the Gospel at Mass. Our response today could not be more true: ” The hand of the Lord feeds us; He answers all our needs.” Yes,” The Prophet ” has visited His people, and continues to visit us, His priestly people in Word and Eucharist. He speaks to us words of ever-lasting life, He feeds us with the bread of heaven, a fore-taste of the Heavenly banquet. How gracious is our God and how blest are we His people who enjoy this two-fold banquet of hearing His Word and  receiving this Word made flesh. Let's believe in the power of the Word. Let's believe in miracles. Especially let's believe in Jesus, the Word made flesh, the Miracle-Worker….and let's continue to pray for one another…..blessings of love, Fr. Dan