Today we celebrate the enriching feast of the Body and Blood of Christ Jesus. We used to refer to this feast as “Corpus Christi,” the Body of Christ in the old days, and thank God we have come full circle to realize the fullness of the Eucharistic Banquet, that is, eating His Body AND drinking His Blood. It is somewhat surprising¬† that so many of us come forward for the Body of Christ Jesus, and then just walk on by the Blood, the cup of blessing, the Blood by which we are purified as if it were not the same Lord Jesus! Jesus says we are to take and eat, take and drink. Perhaps if we are more obedient to the words of Jesus we would find less disobedience in our families and larger community. There are circumstances known well as to why some cannot share the cup of blessing but these should be the exception, not the norm. During this month of June, dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, lets spend some extra time talking to the Lord Jesus about the full Eucharistic banquet that we are to share with one another. Lets learn from Him Who is “meek and humble of heart.”…..blessings, fr dan