“God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, so everyone who believes in Him might have eternal life.” (John 3″16). It would be so easy just to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and in doing so have eternal life. But you and I know it is not that easy because faith without good works is dead. It is not that our good works will save us, because only Jesus saves. Our good works flow from this personal relationship with Jesus, an intimacy with Jesus through the working of the Holy Spirit given to each of us. 2 Chronicles relates to us of the infidelity of the chosen people, and we too can be unfaithful to the law of love given to us by Christ Jesus. Like the folks of old who had Cyrus to free them from captivity, we folks have the Lord Jesus Christ to free us from the bondage of sin…..God so loved you and me that
He sent His Son Jesus to free us from our sin. God is truly a merciful and loving God as St Paul reminds us in the second reading. During this special season of Lent, let’s increase our efforts with God's amazing grace to walk away from the darkness and come more and more into the light, which means moving closer to Jesus who says He is the light of the world……pray for me, Fr. Dan