Have you had a “mountain experience” lately? This Lent can be a “mountain experience” for us if we let it lead us to higher heights of discipline, like in prayer, fasting and almsgiving. We are asked to give up someone, or something, even as Abraham was asked to give up his son in our first reading. (He pre-figures God giving up His Son Jesus for you and me.) That must have been some mountain experience for Abraham!
For we who are baptized in Christ Jesus there are constant mountain experiences, allowing the Lord Jesus to show Himself more and more to us, especially in Word and Eucharist. Like Jesus we too have a mission and it will cost, as we see in the words of Jesus to His disciples about suffering and following Him. Let’s support one another in prayer during this Lenten season and help each other rise to new heights in our love that sometimes makes costly demands on us…..pray for me, Fr. Dan