In our responsorial psalm this weekend we proclaim “the Lord has revealed to the nations His saving power.” Through the great commission of Jesus to His twelve to “go and make disciples of all the nations” (Matthew 28:19) and the Church carrying on this commission many are being disciple-ed (disciplined) by the power of the Holy Spirit, maybe not in all the nations but certainly in those who have come to know and accept the Lord Jesus as their savior. How does this touch you and me? Well, at the end of our liturgical celebration the presider commissions us to go forth to love and serve the Lord by loving and serving one another
We have seen that Jesus is the good shepherd and he will lead us, if we will but follow. We have recently seen that Jesus is the vine and we the branches, and apart from Him we can do nothing. Imagine what we can do however, following His lead (promptings of the Holy Spirit) and knowing that we are, if you will permit me to say, plugged into the source where the glory comes out. We are commissioned folks! And in the name of Jesus we have power! And just maybe, if we will step out in faith and boldness, one person, one family (like Cornelius in the first reading) will come to know the saving power of God. Like Peter, we will have to put aside our timidity, our excuses, and our indifference and go out and make a difference! Let’s support one another in prayer good people of God……love ya, Fr. Dan