The Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ! What traditionally we know as Ascension Thursday is now Ascension Sunday in our little part of the world. Hopefully you began your Novena to the Holy Spirit last Thursday and are in waiting for and in expectation of a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Jesus in His last words said “you will receive power.” The Greek word for power is the same word in English we use for “dynamite.” Rather explosive, isn't it! We are empowered to blast the evil one back to where he belongs; we are empowered to make it clear that the power is not ours but the Lord's; we are empowered (and commissioned at Mass) to go out to witness to the Risen Jesus, and to proclaim His gospel values and principles ones that have been echoed throughout the history of our Church. Now it’s our turn! Can we join together as did Mary and the disciples and experience this “power from on high?” Can we step out of our comfort zone like Peter and go in the power of the Holy Spirit where we would otherwise not go? Can we trust that the Lord who calls us will equip us with all that is needed? In speaking of this power St Paul says it is “immeasurable.”(Eph.1:19) Let’s not measure this power by our limitations but believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and the power of His Spirit that is greater than our hearts……love ya, Fr. Dan