We continue our journey from Easter to Pentecost. Our reading companion, the Acts of the apostles written by St. Luke, nourishes us as we continue daily toward the Upper Room. If you haven't read the entire Acts, I encourage you to do so during this special Easter season. If we identify with the “doubting Thomas”, with the impetuous Peter denying the Lord Jesus, with the apostles that “ran away and scattered” then we are going to find great hope and consolation in these same people who are changed radically with the Pentecost experience. Now we find in the Acts, boldness, courage, a determination, a faith in the “name above all names” that the apostles lived and expressed with “bold proclamation!” This same Holy Spirit is given to us! Can we even image such! Let alone believe it? It’s true! Coming into a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus opens us to the gift of the Holy Spirit that our Father and our brother Jesus desire us to know, experience and express in our own lives. Do we know Jesus? Do we recognize His voice? Do we realize that as a branch our very lives depend on the vine and how critical it is to remain attached to Him so that His Spirit can flow into us, equip us and flow out from us? Jesus reminds us that if we remain in Him we will bear much fruit. I suggest to you Galatians 5:22-23 where we see the fruit that we are to produce. Praise God for you, and your producing the fruit of the Holy Spirit…… The month of May is dedicated to Mary; please pray the rosary daily…….Continued Easter joy and peace, Fr. Dan