Today we celebrate the feast of the Lord Jesus’ final act here on earth, His Ascension: He is raised into the clouds and returns to the right hand of the Father. In His final discourse in John’s gospel Jesus tries to cheer His disciples, and we can imagine their sadness mixed with joy. However we are joining them right now as if in the upper room, waiting in prayer, as we continue our Novena to the Holy Spirit. Come Holy Spirit. Come Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit, come! Our responsorial this weekend is all about cheering and clapping and praising the Lord Jesus for this final act of Jesus. From now on like the disciples we are to be guided and instructed and taught by the ACTion of the Holy Spirit. ( I accent the ACTion of the Holy Spirit and encourage you to read the ACTS of the Apostles by St. Luke.) The Father and the Son are gifting us with their Spirit and such a gift it is! Lets receive this gift anew, and open it, or maybe this time let the gift open us to a deeper experience of its presence in our lives…..pray for me, please, fr dan