What we Catholics knew as the feast of “Corpus Christi” (Body of Christ) is now the “Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ.” And rightly so! Growing up I remember wondering why only the priest received both the Body and Blood of Jesus while we lay folks received only the Body of Christ. Praise God this change has brought to all the worshiping community both the Body and the Blood of Christ Jesus. Hopefully the change has brought us all to a deeper experience of the cost Jesus paid for our sins. Perhaps this is a good time for you and me to reflect on our “disposition” at Communion time: what is the focus of my mind and heart as I draw near to the ministers of His Body and Blood? Am I focused on who I am to receive? What is my body language as I dare to approach the Lord Jesus? Do I come hungry for the “Bread of Life” and thirsty for the “cup of salvation”?
Notice in the scriptures this week how much of the readings speak to the Blood of Jesus; our responsorial psalm reads: “I will take the cup of salvation, and call on the name of the Lord.” i invite all of us to reflect on our disposition, and to praise God for the position Christ Jesus has taken as He is presented to us in the Eucharist. And let us be mindful that we “become what we receive” and this should cause us to tremble before our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ……blessings of peace, Fr. Dan